Guide - priming coils

WAIT! Before Using Your Vaping Device Make Sure…


In this post, we are going to explore a few main steps you need to take before using your e-cigarette, and that’s priming the coils, Primed coils will help your e-cigarette run smoother and help reduce the chances of your coils burning out or causing the tank to leak.

What is Priming

To put it simply, priming coils is the action of applying your favourite e-liquid to the wicking material within you coil in order to ensure it is fully saturated before the first use. if you’re unsure about which e-liquids work best with your particular coil types, more comprehensive information can be found by reading our E-Liquid FAQ and our How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coils guides. 

In summary, most coils will come prebuilt with some form of wicking material most of them using Silica wick or organic Japanese cotton inside and this is what you would need to saturate before use. The easiest way to do this would be to drop a few droplets of e-liquid directly into the coil from the top opening, making sure the droplets land on the cotton.

Steps of Priming Coils

  1. start by adding a single drop of e-liquid to each wicking hole, as this will start the wicking process.

    What is “Flooding”? Flooding occurs when the liquid has made its way into the centre hole of the coil, and it sits there not being vaporised which causes the tank to leak
  2. Once you have reassembled your tank, proceed to fill it with e-liquid.

    Note: best practise is to wait between 5-15 minutes to allow for the e-liquid to complete soak in the coils.
  3. Priming puffs after the 5 – 15 minutes have elapsed, it is best to take a few sharp inhale puffs on the tank without firing your device.

If you have a variable wattage device, it’s recommended to set the wattage lower than where you would normally use it. Take a few puffs to ensure the flavour is coming through, and then gradually increase the power to your desired preference.