Guide - shortfill e liquid


 Im sure all the UK vapers remember the days of buying a 30ml bottle of juice with nicotine, the good old days. Yes! We all miss those days but the industry has grown in many aspects thanks to the TPD regulations that came into effect in 2016.

To simplify it for you; previously you could get any size bottle of e-liquid that contained different levels of nicotine, in most cases they came in 3mg and 6mg. when the change was introduced any e-liquid containing nicotine could not be higher than 10ml bottle size and the nicotine strength cannot to exceed 20mg.

The Birth of Shortfill bottles:

Sine nicotine containing e liquid was limited to 10ml bottles, the juice manufacturers decided to still offer big bottles of juice from 30ml, 60ml, 120ml and even 150ml, but these bottles would not contain any nicotine so it would be nicotine-free e liquid.

All Shortfill e-liquid bottles would appear to have some e-liquid missing but this is never the case. To give you can example a 120ml shortfill e-liquid bottle would have 20ml of juice missing. The e-liquid is not actually missing, the empty void is left for vapers to then add ‘nicotine shots’ to reach the desired nicotine strength.

Mixing Nicotine with my Shortfill E-Liquid.

Adding nicotine to a short fill bottle is quite ‘simple’ you would need to remove the lid of the bottle followed by the inner top cap. 

Then add your nicotine into the bottle and once this is added you can pop the top cap of the bottle back into place, ensuring it is fitted back correctly, put the lid of the bottle back and then shake the bottle. Shaking the bottle for roughly a few minutes will mix the nicotine solution with the e-liquid.

Now I know I mentioned that it was simple, but it can be a pain taking the top cap of the e liquid bottle. We did create the Royal Vapery E-Liquid Bottle Opener .This e-liuid Bottle opener is a great tool I use it for all my short fill bottles 50ml 120ml, 150ml bottles and it also works great taking the top cap off the nicotine shot bottles as well.