Main Guide - Ultimate Vaping guide for beginners

Whether you have been smoking for a few years or your entire life, you reading this article shows you want to kick the habit to lead a happy and healthier lifestyle. With this article we will be giving you the ultimate vaping guide for beginners.

Learning How to Vape for Beginners: Making the Switch

As an ex-smoker my myself I know how hard it is to take the first step, I would usually keep making excuses to continue to smoke. But I can assure once you take the first step with an open mind you will open yourself to new world with wonderful flavour choices that do not have the odour of the cigarettes and you will start your journey to finally stop smoking.

 E-cigarettes / Vaping Devices for everyone…

There no such thing as the perfect e-cigarette, I understand you’ve been smoking the same brand of cigarette for years and won’t use another brand. The beauty of e-cigarettes there many options such as beginner starter kits, advanced starter kits and so on.

If you have tried vaping in the past and didn’t really like the e-cigarette, don’t just give up, you need to find right kit for you, maybe in the past you nicotine strength wasn’t right or device wasn’t for you. But giving up isn’t the way to go away about it you should defiantly make another attempt with different type of e-cigarette kit. For anyone that needs help or advise you can contact us via email or by calling our customer service number and we will help you find the right device for you.

How Do You Choose Your First E-Cigarette device?

It’s really easy to light up your cigarette to start smoking, but when it comes to vaping the E-cigarette device will require a bit of light maintenance, such as replacing parts when required, charging the battery, and making sure that you have enough e liquid to last you throughout the week. 

When you’re first switching over from smoking to vaping, you should choose an e-cigarette device that’s easy for you to maintain, an e-juice that you love the flavour of, and make sure that you enjoy vaping it

For people new to vaping now is the best time to make the switch from smoking. There many great devices for beginners, which offer ease of use and low maintenance and great e-liquid flavour options that you will definitely find your match. 

E-Juice Flavours

 For me choosing e liquid flavours was the most exciting part of switching to vaping.  For some It can be overwhelming as there are 100’s of flavours available. The best advice I can give for people switching from cigarettes is to start off with menthol or tobacco based flavours as they will closely resemble the taste of cigarettes.

 Don’t rush? Give your body some time to get used to vaping. Once you are used the vaping you can start experimenting with other flavours whether it be fruity, candy, desserts and so on. But defiantly take your time and go slowly.

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