AWT 18650 3500mAh Battery Single

AWT 18650 3500mAh Battery Single

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The AWT IMR 18650 3500mAh 35A battery is a popular brand of rechargeable lithium-ion battery used in electronics like flashlights, vape mods, and other devices that need a high-performance battery. For twin or single box mods, this battery works great. Each battery has a plastic case that can be used for safe storage. You will get a respectable 3500mAh capacity each battery, good for a whole day.

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The 3500mAh power of the AWT IMR 18650 (3500MAH) 35A 3.7V Flat-top battery will be delivered with 100% authenticity. Your device's safety requirements are well met by the flat-top design. The AWT battery is a high drain rechargeable battery designed to have a lengthy life span.

AWT 3500mAh Batteries deliver a powerful punch while lasting significantly longer than batteries with lower capacities. This lithium-ion battery's internal chemistry is comparable to that of rechargeable power tools and batteries for electric vehicles. The battery has the optimal performance qualities required to operate contemporary, sub-Ohm vaping mods and has a high safety rating.

Package Contents:

  1. 1x AWT 18650 3.7V 3500mAh 35a Battery

Features of AWT 18650 3500mAh Battery

1. Fully charge the batteries before use. (recommended to use dedicated 18650 battery charger)

2. Constantly use a fireproof surface to charge batteries.

3. Never leave batteries in a charging state unsupervised.

4. Keep this battery away from metal things (such as coins, keys, jewellery) to prevent short circuits.

5. Continue to keep the battery enclosed in its box or another insulating material.

6. Do not overcharge your battery to prevent it from lasting less time; doing so could result in the battery popping or leaking.

7. If the battery shows symptoms of heavy use i,e battery wrap is damaged, avoid using it.

8. Avoid using fire to dispose of batteries

9. Explosions could happen if multiple batteries are stacked together.

10.Avoid shorting out the battery. The positive and negative sides should be connected.

11.Exercise extra caution while working with rechargeable cells such as Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer), and others.

Specifications of AWT 18650 3500mAh Battery:

1 Charging Method: CC/CV 4.20V)
2 Charging Current CC: 1250 mA
3 Nominal Capacity: 3500mAh
4 Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
5 Discharge Voltage: 2.5V (Average Cut Off)
6 Maximum Short Peak Discharge Current: 35A
7 Rechargeable: Yes
8 Dimensions: 18.2mm x 65.05mm
9 Positive: Flat
10 Protection: No

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AWT 18650 3500mAh Battery Single

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"Excellent delivery and fantastic batteries, highly recommended. Thanks, Royal Vapery."


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