Haze CBD 100ml Vape Liquid 3500MG

Haze 3500mg CBD E-Liquid has quality CBD isolate at high strengths; each 100ml bottle contains 3500mg of pure CBD, meaning that for optimal efficacy, there is 35mg of CBD in 1ml of e-liquid. Our 50VG/50PG combination in our 100ml bottles ensures a smooth and enjoyable vape every time.

Brand Haze CBD
Type CBD

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Pineapple IceH BerryMango Ice


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Discover the pinnacle of CBD indulgence with Haze CBD 100ml Vape Liquid, a groundbreaking product delivering a substantial 3500mg of premium CBD per bottle. Meticulously crafted for potency and purity, this vape liquid sources its CBD from high-quality hemp, ensuring a clean and effective supplement for your well-being. With its versatile 100ml volume, users can tailor their CBD experience to individual preferences, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. The liquid not only offers a potent dose but also promises a delightful vaping experience, with smooth clouds and a range of enticing flavors, from minty freshness to natural hemp goodness. Haze CBD 100ml Vape Liquid is your passport to a convenient, customizable, and elevated CBD journey, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine for a well-rounded wellness experience.

With a generous 100ml volume, this vape liquid provides users with an ample supply, allowing for extended use before needing a replacement. The versatility of this product enables users to experiment with different dosage levels, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced CBD enthusiasts who desire a tailored experience.

What's inside the box?

1 x Haze CBD 100ml Vape Liquid 3500MG


  1. Pineapple Ice
  2. H Berry
  3. Mango Ice
  4. Red A


1 Boat Type 120ml pet bottle - Chubby Type
2 Content 100ml+20ml
3 Scent Type cold fruity
4 PG/VG Percentage 50%VG/50%PG
5 Contains CBD 3500mg

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Haze CBD 100ml Vape Liquid 3500MG

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